Tournament Rules

Download a copy of Tournament Rules.

  1. NO ALCOHOL OR TOBACCO of any kind is allowed.
  2. No pets please. We love them but for safety and respect for field policy, please leave them at home.
  3. This is a double elimination tournament.  Each team will play at least two games.
  4. Games will be limited to five innings or 30 minutes maximum – whichever comes first.
  5. A flip of the coin will determine the home team in all games, except the championship game(s) where the winner’s bracket team will be the home team.
  6. Batters will receive ONE pitch only.
    1. A Strike = Out
    2. A Foul = Out
    3. A Home Run = Out
    4. A Hit = Hit
    5. A Ball = Walk
    6. A struck ball contacting a defensive player’s glove and then going over the fence is a ground rule double.

7. The umpire has the final say on all plays.

8. There are only 10 defensive players allowed on the field, but there may be any number of players on a team roster, male or female, young and older.  Players must be at least 14 years old to play.  A continuous batting order can be used.

9. Good sportsmanship is a must.

Download your Tournament Rules.