Youth Forum is a dynamic, community-based discussion group made up of diverse youth and adults, working together meeting monthly to support youth services and build strong community assets for healthy youth and families. This program helps youth and local adult leaders to come together in a safe space to communicate about important issues and form connections to build up the positive community assets available.

Youth Forum at GHS is now in its 27th year and we couldn’t be prouder of the work that has been accomplished at this table.  Throughout the years, discussion generated at Youth Forum has brought a number of exciting initiatives and services to the youth and families of our communities such as school clubs, substance misuse prevention initiatives, bullying prevention programs, philanthropic pursuits, a quiet crisis response network, and a local skate park to name only a few.

GHS Youth Forum is co-convened by CHCY Executive Director Dian McCarthy and GHS Guidance Counselor John Webb, and meets on the 2nd Friday of each month during the school year from 10am-12pm in the office conference room. It is open to the public and any GHS student who wishes to attend.

Now in its SIXTH YEAR – Youth Forum at Mountain View Middle School!!! 

Given the tremendous success of Youth Forum at GHS, we are so pleased to be able to offer Youth Forum at MVMS  providing an age-appropriate venue for all interested 7-8 graders to meet regularly with caring youth service providers (ie: CHCY, Library, Parks & Rec, YMCA, Faith Community, Prevention Experts, School Guidance and Administration) allowing the young teens’ voices to be shared and heard on topics that are relevant to them.

Similar to the Forum at GHS, the key objectives of MVMS YF are:
1. Enable adults to better identify and respond to youth needs through healthy dialogue with the youth themselves.
2. Provide the needed structure for effective peer to peer prevention of bullying, substance misuse and self-harm during what studies show are the most impactful years.
3. Build life-long attributes of youth leadership, efficacy and healthy choices through concerted cultivation.
4. Build self-esteem and healthfulness among our young people during critical developmental years as they learn they do have value, they do have a voice and they can make a difference in their community.

Questions? Contact Dian McCarthy at [email protected] or 497-3499.