Juvenile Court Diversion

Gavel and scales of justice isolated on white.jpg-500x400 (3)The Goffstown Area Juvenile Court Diversion Program (GADP) has been serving the NH Circuit Court – 9th Circuit – District Division – Goffstown since 1979 giving first-time juvenile offenders an opportunity to be held accountable for their crime without going to court.    Based upon restorative justice practices, Juvenile Court Diversion is an alternative, community-based program designed to promote positive youth development while reducing juvenile crime and recidivism rates.

Make no mistake – diversion is not an easy way out.  To be accepted into the program, the offender must first admit their guilt.  They will then be given a contract of specific consequences to complete which may include, but are not limited to, things such as performing community service, signing a Parent Teen Contract, paying restitution, writing letters of apology, writing research papers, completing drug and alcohol education courses, performing in home drug testing under parental supervision and complete counseling session.  The intent is to positively impact a young offender’s life, helping them set a new path.

The GADP run by Crispin’s House Coalition for Youth is 1 of only 16  programs accredited through the New Hampshire Juvenile Court Diversion Network statewide and operates under the jurisdiction of the New Hampshire Circuit Court, 9th circuit-Family Division-Goffstown.  We serve the towns of Goffstown, New Boston, Weare and Francestown.

For more information about the Goffstown Area Juvenile Court Diversion Program, please contact Program Director Dian McCarthy at 497-3499.